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About Blenderfarm

Blenderfarm is a render farm located outside Stockholm, Sweden. (In fact we are on a real farm, but that's another story.) We started by teaching Blender to a bunch of kids, then thought it would be real swell to have our own render farm. Well, one thing led to another. After a few creative ideas, some investment from a kind soul and many, many late nights of hard work, Blenderfarm was born.

Blenderfarm is an online renderer, meant to make your work easy. You focus on your creative work and get your renders quickly. We take care of all that tech stuff required to churn them out. By building our system optimised for Blender and Cycles we can keep the costs significantly below that of traditional render farms.

How it works

Using Blenderfarm is very simple. You schedule time and set up a render job to run at that time. Once you start the job it all goes automatically and you will be notified when the job is done. But you can also choose to work manually during your scheduled time, stop a job, upload a new file, restart the job and so on. You will directly see each rendered frame as it is output, which allows you to closely monitor your job.

In effect, you are renting our hardware during your scheduled time and can use that time as you like. The hardware at your disposal for each job consists of 20 high-end GPUs (currently we run on Nvidia GTX 970). We figured that this should be sufficient for most needs. We like to keep it simple and straightforward, so you know exacly what you get. Our calculator does its best to estimate the time your job will take at Blenderfarm, but since you know what you get you can also do the math yourself if you are a power user.

You can get in touch with us here:

Happy rendering!

Using: Blender 2.73a
2015 Transparent Media AB Beta: 0.9.1  Bug reports here: