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 Estimated render time

1. Your render time

Open your file in Blender and render one frame, using CPU rendering. Enter the render time here.

2. Your machine configuration

Find out the CPU model of your computer and select it below. If you know your CPU Cinebench score you can use that instead. How to identify your CPU model

ModifyThat is not your workstation?


3. Frames to render

Specify the amount of frames you plan to render by entering a start and end frame

The Blenderfarm pricing model is simple and straightforward: You pay 9€ per hour or part of an hour.*

Use the Rendertime Calculator here to estimate the costs of your job. Be aware, though, that this is an estimate. There are variations in benchmarks for CPU speeds, and the rendering time for an animation may vary from frame to frame. So you are advised to add some extra credit to your account just in case. The excess will remain for future jobs anyway.

* This means that the minimum cost for rendering a job is 9€ no matter what you render, and you will be debited up to the next full hour.

Using: Blender 2.73a
2015 Transparent Media AB Beta: 0.9.1  Bug reports here: