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Welcome, beta tester
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Posted by perklason · 23-03-2015 - 09:35
Hi and welcome to Blenderfarm. Hope you like it. We really look forward to your feedback, since we want to make Blenderfarm into a very useful tool for us all. There are still some issues we are working on: 1) The calculation of estimated render time is based on Cinebench benchmarks for basically all known and relevant CPUs. We then compare this with the time it takes for Blenderfarm to render the same image. Now, this works well in most cases (though we are still calibrating the system, so please let us know if you find our calculations off for your own CPU). Yet we have found that for certain very complex scenes, the ratio between GPU and CPU rendering time is different from other scenes. So we realised that it is pretty hard to make an accurate calculation like that, between CPU and GPU. But we are trying our best. In any case, you know what you get and it is just an issue between Blender, the GPU and your scene. If the job takes longer than expected and you run out of time, you will be notified by mail and can schedule a new time to continue it. So bear with us and don't be upset if that happens. You don't pay for a job within a promised time. You pay for using 20 GPUs (currently GTX 970) to get your job done, and they will do it the best they can. 2) Blenderfarm is still optimised for animations. We plan to implement tiled/split renders across several machines, to also render very heavy still images with full capacity. For now on, that should make no difference to you as long as the render time on your CPU is less than 8-10 hours for an image. You will then in any case pay only the minimum charge of one hour. If an ordinary CPU renders your image in up to 16-20 hours or so, you would typically pay for two hours at Blenderfarm. Something like that. If there are many Blender artists who want to use Blenderfarm for stills, we will make it more efficient in that respect. Let us know if you are one of them. 3) This forum is still a bit buggy. We'll work on that.

What is this? A farm?

This is what is called a render farm. It consists of a bunch of computers that you can use to render 3D images and animated films that you have made in the nice (and free) program Blender (

Ok, so how does work?

It is really simple to render your Blender files here. Just click on RENDER in the menu, create a job, go through the five steps for setting up the job and click on the START button. As your job renders, each frame will appear as a thumbnail, and you can download the result as either a series of stills or video files in compressed or lossless video formats.

How much does it cost?

The cost for rendering at is 9 EURO per hour or part of an hour. Plain and simple. During that time you have exclusive access to the hardware of a Render Unit at the farm.

How can I become a beta tester?

Simply register as a user here and you will be a beta tester. We will give you one hour free rendering time and 50% discount during the beta testing period.

What are the file requirements for the .blend files I upload?

1) Use Cycles Render.2) Pack everything into the .blend file (File->External Data->Pack All Into .blend).

How much rendering power do I get and what is a Render Unit?

When you render with you are actually renting a Render Unit with hardware that is entirely at your disposal. A Render Unit consists of 20 high-end GPUs (we use Nvidia GTX 970). To calculate the approximate rendering time for your scene, click on PRICING.

Can I only render Blender files here?

Yes, for now. As the name of this site suggests, we are dedicated to Blender. We are so because we really like Blender and the open source concept in general.

Oops, my rendered images look weird. Can I go back and do it again?

Yes. When the rendering starts you will get a mail notifying you, and you can then click on its link to go to the job and monitor each frame as it is being output. If something looks wrong and you need to make changes in the .blend file, you just stop the job, upload the new corrected file and then restart the job. If things were good up to a certain frame, you can restart the job from the next frame and on. In other words, you can at any time take manual control of your render job. You can even render several .blend files as long as you stay within your scheduled time (you pay per scheduled hour).

Shall I use Blender Internal or Cycles? is made for Cycles, since we are GPU based and Blender Internal cannot use GPU rendering.

How can I make my scenes render as quickly as possible?

1. Light Paths->Bounces: Set Min to 0 and Max to 4 (which is often enough). 2) Under Performance, set Tile Size to 256 for both X and Y and use Tiles: Top to Bottom. 3) Turn off Caustics under Light Paths and see if it still looks OK. Those are some basics that actually speed up rendering significantly.

Am I paying for the estimated rendering time, actual rendering time or scheduled rendering time?

You are paying for the scheduled render time. That time will be automatically calculated for you based on the estimated rendering time rounded up to the next full hour. If there is not enough time free for booking you can schedule a shorter time. The job will then run until the time is up and you will get a message by email. You can then schedule the job again and now set it to start from the last frame rendered. You can stop, restart and change the job as you like, to correct errors etc.

Who made your wonderful logo?

It was made by my 9 year old son who saw this site under construction, said "You need a logo", and drew it in a few seconds.

Using: Blender 2.73a
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